Happy Employees Means Higher Productivity. 4 Tips to Make Your Employees Super Happy

Tips to Make Your Employees Super Happy

Today the adage ‘when the going gets tough, happy employees get going’ seems to be true in corporate houses, startups and public sector undertakings. High productivity is a reflection of the happiness quotient of employees, as much as it is of financial incentives offered. Employers, HR professionals, managers and supervisors are thinking of ways to increase this happiness quotient of employees. A University of Warwick study stated that happiness led to a 12% hike in productivity, whereas unhappy workers were 10% less productive. According to Shawn Anchor, the author of…

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Building your own home? Read this first

Building your own home

Like many other people, you may harbour a secret dream to build your own house. A house outside the chaos of the city, on a charming little plot of land. You can live there whenever you need a break from the big city stress, enjoying your free time with your loved ones. Or it can serve as a retirement home for you and your spouse. You may have bought a plot of land, and now you wish to construct a lovely villa over it. Do read the rest of this…

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