Do Not Go Into Online Trading Out Of Pity!

Do not go into online trading out of pity!

For more than 10 years I see different projects to be mounted on the net, of all styles and sizes. First shopping mall for Christmas with Amazon and IBM (in 99?), Pro portals and search engine (Caloga, we were 1st licensed Google in 2000 in Europe, nobody knew), site of the software publisher EBP, editor of Oxatis e-commerce online software …

I have often compared the situation to that of the great or small explorers. Place yourself in the 15th century and rethink your history lessons. The first parties had the support of the crown and its treasure, found roads, and were often loaded with treasures, with great difficulty very often. But they were distinguished from the waves following more numerous but less well endowed … the convicts, the involuntary émigrés, the obligés.

The internet is not the gold rush, it must be repeated. Without demonizing or angelicizing, put the question in its realistic context. In spite of enlightened discourse, by discussing with project promoters, I often desire (I hold back by politeness or lack of time) to say to them: Do not go into e-commerce, out of pity!

Here are some (good I hope) REASONS NOT TO START.

1 / Launching and placing an online shop in orbit is expensive.

Let’s be concrete, impossible to have your site created less than 2000 € for the 1st year. And the amount may be much higher obviously:
An online solution like Oxatis, WiziShop or PowerBoutique will cost you between 600 € and 1500 € the 1st year to which one must add at least 500 € for a basic graphic design. Think also of a computer, a management software. Take a look at whether the status of self-contractor is right for you (80 000 € of CA max for a trading activity, without recovering the VAT), consider otherwise to create a limited liability company … Nothing free or which allows to launch «to see “.

Add a budget of keywords, some stock, hardware …

You will object that launching on eBay is possible. Yes, we can and sometimes it is the only solution .. Do the markets too to avoid creating a real shop for example, which is not exactly the purpose today. With less capital, conducting an activity in parallel is possible and perfect in some cases or in addition, which will require more difficulties, time.

* Being e-commerce requires working a lot

What a miracle of technology … The Internet (with a capital, as with God), the virtual, the dematerialized. And why not telepathy while we are there? Working in his sofa, from time to time, but of course! #ironie
I meet project promoters who do not even know the time needed to perform these daily basic actions of the web merchant, for example:
– Create a product sheet (photo, write the txt, put online, please to Google)
– Preparing an order (ordering, storing, packaging, labeling, postage, postage, etc.)
– Set up a campaign of keywords

In this case, good wind. But if you are not unconscious enough or if what I have mentioned above worries you, then …

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