Eight New Rules to Attract Customers to The Store

Eight new rules to attract customers to the store

Growing phenomenon, showrooming, which consists of looking at a product in a store and then buying it on the Internet, worries the traders. However, the store is not dead. Out of 100 visitors to a retail site, 72 go to the store, the FullSix Group observes the ROPO2 Observatory . And 77% of the French say they can not dos.

“There is a very significant increase in the number of stores and stores in the United States, where the staff and their individual skills are highlighted,” said Mike Hadjadj , marketing and communications director of Generix Group. At Lululemon Athletica, a brand that sells products for yoga, all sellers practice high-level discipline and post their resume that also mentions their interests. Yet “most traders often hire people who are not qualified for this job, or do not provide adequate training,” says Josh Leibowitz , consultant at McKinsey.

Rather than ruminating against the competition of Internet, traders must also put themselves on the page, advises Catherine Barba , in his book “The store is not dead”. And not worth making complicated. “Before you think of interactive kiosks, touch screens or giant screens, maybe just start by offering Wi-Fi,” she recommends. A strategy long understood by Starbucks or McDonald’s. Other services much sought after by customers: the possibility to remove items purchased on the Internet (the “click and collect”). Almost all the high-tech brands (Darty, Boulanger, Fnac …) have already started.

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