Happy Employees Means Higher Productivity. 4 Tips to Make Your Employees Super Happy

Tips to Make Your Employees Super Happy

Today the adage ‘when the going gets tough, happy employees get going’ seems to be true in corporate houses, startups and public sector undertakings. High productivity is a reflection of the happiness quotient of employees, as much as it is of financial incentives offered. Employers, HR professionals, managers and supervisors are thinking of ways to increase this happiness quotient of employees.

A University of Warwick study stated that happiness led to a 12% hike in productivity, whereas unhappy workers were 10% less productive. According to Shawn Anchor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, thehuman brain works better when one thinks positively. Research has also shown that happy employees are better team players when it comes to problem solving.

At this juncture, companies opting for vital moves like enhancing employee engagement,setting up a recognition and rewards system,providing regular feedback and getting a group insurance policy can benefit in terms of enhanced workplace happiness. Here are some tips that can help companies increase happiness in the workplace. 

4 Tips to Increase Happiness in the Workplace

Tip 1: Enhancing employee engagement

Deloitte’s recent Human Capital Trends study of 7,000 companies across the globe states that 92% of these companies feel the need for reorganization. Infact, many companies are choosing horizontal structures over hierarchical ones. This development will increase employee engagement by letting people contribute more effectively towards organizational goals. Moreover, studies in behavioral economics reveal that employees are driven by their contributions, which lead to enhanced job satisfaction and morale. 

Tip 2: Setting up a recognition and rewards system

Recognition is vital for employee engagement. As per the Society for Human Resource Management, recognition features among the top ten factors affecting job satisfaction. And, recognizing the efforts of employees enhances their happiness quotient. Also, tangible rewards like variable pay, incentives, bonus and a group insurance policy result in enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Tip 3: Providing regular feedback

Once a roadmap is finalized by an employee along with his superiors, feedback plays an important role. It helps employees keep track of their progress. Often supervisors communicate with their subordinates via verbal or written feedback. Besides a good recognition program, there must be a system which helps employees to identify areas of improvement and to create a place to achieve these goals. 

Tip 4: Opting for a group insurance policy 

With each passing day, more and more companies are choosing a group insurance policy as it has proven its mettle as an effective tool for retaining talent. Worldwide, employees perceive group health plan as a cost-effective way for treating life-threatening ailments.

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