How to insure your car when insurers refuse you

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Several consecutive claims or repeated defaults may cause insurers to refuse the purchase of a new contract after the termination of the old contract. Since the liability insurance is a legal obligation, the Central Tariff Office (BCT) is in a position to provide the solution

The procedure for recourse to the central tariff office

Whatever the reason why one or more insurers refuse to guarantee the owner of a vehicle, the latter must be compulsorily insured. The solution is then to have recourse to the central tariff office which will force the insurer chosen by the motorist to insure the vehicle. For this, the owner must follow a very precise procedure.

Under no circumstances does the BCT designate an insurer, the choice remaining to the future insured. It is therefore important to compare the offers before submitting your application, because it is on the basis of the tariff proposed by the insurer that the BCT sets the amount of the premium. For the BCT to intervene, the subscriber must have been refused. This may be in the form of a letter from the insurance company, or the insurer’s failure to reply fifteen days after the dispatch of a registered letter. The driver must then ask the selected insurer for two copies of “Proposal of Insurance” which he can not refuse to provide.

Within the same period of 15 days must be seized the BCT in the form of a registered letter with AR. In this letter is mandatory attached:
• The second print of “Insurance Proposal” completed
• The copy of the driving license ,
• The copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle
• The final statement of information
• Proof of refusal from the insurer
• The last notice of expiry of the auto contract
• Possibly the judicial decision in the event of a conviction for alcohol
The central tariff office then fixes the amount of the contributionand notifies the future insured person within two months. Once the subscriber has agreed to the OWA, he must pay the premium amount.

The certainty of being insured, but minimally

If the chosen insurer is obliged to insure the driver, the coverage is generally limited to that required , that is to say the liability insurance . It can indeed refuse any further extension, as the role of the BCT is limited to imposing a minimum insurance allowing the owner of the vehicle to ride legally.

This difficult situation may improve provided that no responsible accident occurs and the amount of the contribution is paid on time. The driver then finds a profile “more normal” in the eyes of insurance and can then sign a contract including the desired warranties. With the comparator , it is easy to compare the best offers of the market through a simulation requiring only about 4 minutes and allowing an average savings of 220 € * on the amount of the annual premium.

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