The precautions to be taken when changing a car insurance policy

The precautions to be taken when changing a car insurance policy

There are many reasons why you can change your insurer to take out a new auto insurance policy. In order for the change to take place in the best conditions, certain precautions must be taken. Before signing a new contract, it is imperative to terminate the previous contract. Rest assured, it is your new insurer who takes care of the procedure since it is a compulsory insurance, even if on your side you can send a mail. After the termination of the contract, you remain insured under the same conditions as before. Remember to respect the deadlines imposed by your insurer, because in the event of late notification the insurer is entitled to refuse the cancellation.

Unless your choice of a new insurer is already made, you must find the contract offering the desired guarantees at the best price. For this reason, the comparator will facilitate your task with simulations generally asking only 4 minutes and an average savings of 220 € on the amount of the annual premium.

Once in possession of the auto insurance quotes , it is necessary to examine them thoroughly by not limiting themselves to the amount of the contribution. Some deductibles may indeed be higher than for another offer and the indemnity caps significantly lower. Proper insurance is about being covered and being the best compensated possible. Some terms may be confusing as market value and replacement value. In case of doubt on a specific term, you will find on a lot of detailed information on the automobile insurance contracts.

Check the effective date of the new contract and its contents

The date of purchase of an insurance contract and the date of effect may be different. This offset may, however, allow you to offset the effective date if you have subscribed to the new contract well before the end of the previous contract. In all cases, the Hamon law requires the new insurer to double the mail sent by the insured, thus avoiding being without insurance even for a few hours.

Before signing the insurance offer, make sure that all of the options you are considering are present as well as the accuracy of your bonus-malus rate . If you have added a secondary conductor, your name must appear in the contract. If you terminate your contract prior to the maturity date, the former insurer must reimburse you the portion of the unused premium, free of charge or penalties. It has 30 days to make this reimbursement. In the event that compensation is outstanding with your former insurer, the termination of the contract does not change the payment of the sums due. If past 12 months your insurer does not give you the expected satisfaction, you are entitled to cancel the contract without the need to give reason. Be careful, however, not to abuse, as this may affect your insurance profile, insurance companies favoring loyalty.

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