The Top 10 Auto Insurance Company 2018

Auto Insurance

The auto insurance sector has many competitors in France. Due in part to an increase in the number of road accidents, car insurance rates increase by an average of 2% each year. How is this market divided? Who are the main players?

The group Covéa (MAAF, MMA and GMF) is at the top of the pack , with an increase of 3.6%, with a turnover of 3399 million euros. In second place of our ranking comes Axa with a turnover of 1792 million euros, just in front of the Macif in 3rd position with a turnover of 1788 million euros. On the other hand, the Groupama group saw a 0.7% decrease in its turnover, still allowing it to retain its fourth place.

Of the interest of comparing his auto insurance

Not easy to find the auto insurance that best suits your need, the market being complex and multiple: making the right choice is not easy …

Compare auto insurance is probably the best solution to find the right product . To do this, you need to complete your profile and your needs. The tool then sorts all of the offers on the market to offer only those that are in total adequacy with the information needs.

Non-negligible advantage: the offers that are proposed do not rely on the notoriety of the insurance companies. Only offers matching your profile are available. Using an insurance comparator is completely free: it saves both time and a potential savings of 45% on your car insurance premium .


In 2016, competition between auto insurers was facilitated by the Hamon law . Therefore, from one year of commitment, the insured can cancel his contract as soon as he wishes and thus change insurance with ease and speed. This law has also resulted in increased competition between players, companies wishing to retain their clientele.

We therefore recommend that you regularly compare the offers using an insurance comparator so that you can be certain that you have the contract with the guarantees you need , with the possibility of saving money .

* The Argus of Insurance, ranked on the basis of the 2014 turnover in France excluding fleets and two-wheeled vehicles.

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