Why is fiber optic best for broadband connections?

Why is fiber optic best for broadband connections?

Opinion is divided on whether fiber optics are really the best for Internet broadband. This article examines the technology and why it may be the best thing to happen to the Internet.

For years now, we’ve been hearing about fiber technology in telephones and the Internet. But most of us have only the haziest idea about what it actually is, and how its use benefits us all.

It is important to understand what fibernet is, and how it applies in Internet broadband. At its simplest, it is a mode by which the highest Internet speeds are delivered using fiber optic cables, over long distances.

Understandingfibernet broadband

Fibernet broadband Internet uses the FTTP (Fiber To The Premises) technology, which is capable of super-fast Internet speeds across all broadband connections. The fibernet connection is speedier than a normal cable Internet connection owing to a cluster of thousands of thin fiber optics in the Internet cable. Thus, the fibre cable is comprised of a dense collection of ‘fibers’ to provide a much higher bandwidth than a cable connection, which uses coaxial copper cables.

The fibers in the broadband cable are extremely thin glass filaments with high tensile strength. Thus, they are capable of rapid data transmission without breakage or interference from other signals. The transmission is often direct and unhindered, and it is quite error-free even at high speeds. Some high speed fibernet broadband can carry signals in GHz frequencies as well.

Its rapid speed of operations is what makes fibernet broadband one of the most sought-after technologies for home and office Internet today.

How it can benefit you

* It is best for areas of heavy use. Fibernet broadband is the best solution for your home or office if the usage is heavy. It offers equally fast and upload and download speeds, so pages load faster and even heavy files are downloaded within seconds instead of minutes. Simultaneous downloads are also possible, thus making this is a great option for an office network.

* The bandwidth is really high.It is tough to put a number on the actual bandwidth that fibernet broadband can provide every month. You can never really run out of data on this plan – whether you surf videos, stream movies and TV shows, use a single connection for multiple devices, etc. The speeds and output do not vary even if all these aforementioned factors are at play simultaneously.

* The signal strength remains unchanged over long distances. The primary problem with broadband using copper cables is that the signal strength begins to dissipate over longer distances. This problem never occurs with fiber broadband. The signal remains uniform at every point in the cable, so you are assured of consistent transmission speeds and quality.

Airtel – the best fiber broadband in the country

Across Internet service providers, Airtel is the only one to provide the unique V-fiber superfast Internet. You get awesomely fast speeds, and an unbeatable 99% uptime with always-on connectivity. Besides, you can connect up to 10 digital devices to the same broadband network and also get a Wi-Fi modem for free.

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